Disc Golf at Constellation  Farmstead



     Things to know before you arrive:
          ⋅Open during “playable light” hours
          ⋅$5/person/day  $10 – 3 day Play several rounds!
          ⋅Season passes available – see below
          ⋅Currently planning our “Woods Course” Expansion
          ⋅Volunteer to earn “Free Round” vouchers
          ⋅Pack out your trash
          ⋅Dogs welcome on a leash










Enjoy a lovely course that follows a path through 40 acres of a modern, working farmstead. Hear the farm animals as you tee off. Feel the grass, freshly cut for hay by hand with a scythe, on your approach shot. Putt to the smell of hundreds of apple trees. Catch glimpses of the Huron Mountain range and Michigan’s highest point, Mt. Arvon, as you move from hole to hole. Shape shots through erosion gullies and along buildings of 120 year vintage.


Our animals and “back 9s” share the fields and pasture paddocks.  Because of this, our farm course has two distinct “back 9s” in use during different parts of the year.  In a way, we have a sort of course-and-a-half – 27 total holes for the farm course, with 18 of them in use at any given time.  You could play one back 9 one day, and the next have a totally new set of holes to play if the animals have changed paddocks.


 The Course at Constellation Farmstead is a destination for players of all skill levels.  We have designed a course where beginners can pick up a disc for the first time and have an enjoyable round, an amateur can practice different shot shapes to improve their game, or a top rated professional can feel challenged like they would on any course on the pro tour.


Swing by for a quick 9 after work or book a weekend and play through the course multiple times. Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy between rounds.  Pick up a dozen eggs on your way out or ask about other seasonal farm and herbal products available for purchase.   


In the years to come our farm will have two courses – the farm course through the fields and orchards and the woods course through tight logging roads along steep hills.  Each course will have 18 holes with two baskets and two tee pads per hole for a total of 144 tee-to-basket combinations on the property. 


We intend to host weekly leagues, weekend tournaments, off-season putting leagues and eventually be selected as a stop on the Disc Golf Pro Tour, the most prestigious honor for a course and facility. Go big or go home.


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Families and businesses alike can offer financial backing for our course by sponsoring a hole! We have an array of sponsorship options available! Assist in bringing a premier disc golf destination to the UP and get some great perks!

We appreciate your interest in supporting our course!

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Season Pass

Season passes are available now for our 2023 Disc Golf Season May-November weather pending! 

$45/1 person

$160/Group or Family of 4

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