The Keweenaw Disc Golf Tour!

The Keweenaw Disc Golf tour will make six stops at the five major courses on the Keweenaw Peninsula.  The goal of the tour is to encourage disc golfers of all skill levels to test themselves at all of our local courses while highlighting what each of these courses has to offer.

Tour Schedule

Each stop of the Keweenaw Disc Golf Tour is a stand alone tournament with its own pool of prizes to compete for, but also serves as part of the larger series.  Participants are welcome to play as many tour stops as they want throughout the season – no need to play every stop. Each stop has varying times, locations, rules, payouts and costs.  Players are encouraged to check details for each stop on the Disc Golf  Scene pages linked below.


13 MAY

Stop 1

Constellation Farmstead

Second Saturday Singles

27 May

Stop 2

Michigan Tech Course

17 JUN

Stop 3 

Porcupine Wilderness State Park

29 JUL

Stop 4


26 AUG

Stop 5

Lake Linden 

09 SEP

Stop 6

Constellation Farmstead

Second Saturday Singles 

30 SEP-01 OCT


Constellation Farmstead


Tour Points


Players will accrue points at each tournament based on leader board position.  Following the final tour stop of the season (09SEP at Constellation Farmstead), the top 32 players by points will be invited to participate in the Keweenaw Disc Golf Tour Championship held 30 SEP – 01 OCT at Constellation Farmstead.


1st:  100 11th: 48 21st: 29 31st: 19 41st: 9
2nd:  85 12th: 46 22nd: 28 32nd: 18 42nd: 8
3rd:  75 13th: 44 23rd: 27 33rd: 17 43rd: 7
4th:  69 14th: 42 24th: 26 34th: 16 44th: 6
5th:  64 15th: 40 25th: 25 35th: 15 45th: 5
6th:  60 16th: 38 26th: 24 36th: 14 46th: 4
7th:  57 17th: 36 27th: 23 37th: 13 47th: 3
8th:  54 18th: 34 28th: 22 38th: 12 48th: 2
9th: 52 19th: 32 29th: 21 39th: 11 49th: 2
10th: 50 20th: 30 30th: 20 40th: 10 50th: 2

Each player that completes an event but places outside the top 50 earns one tour point. 


Ties are most easily explained with an example.  Say two players tie for 7th.  Points for 7th and 8th (57 + 54) will be added and divided evenly between the two players, giving each player 55.5 points.  The next player in line on the leader board will receive points for 9th – 52 – and so on down the line.


Tour points will be posted at the conclusion of each event on our tour points page  with both a listing of points earned during that event as well as a running total for all players and their standing.




If players are tied on tour points for Championship seeding, ties for seeding will be decided in the following ways:

1) Average tour points per event played

2) Total number of strokes in tour stop events

3) Sudden death putt off during check-in at the Championship


Seeding grants stroke advantages.  These stroke advantages will be applied after the conclusion of round two on Saturday, 30 SEP to determine card orders for round three on Sunday, 01 OCT.

Players will be bracketed into groups of 8 players. Each group of 8 players will have a stroke advantage over the players in the previous bracket. In other words:

32-25 – No stroke advantage

24-17 – 1 stroke advantage

16-9 – 2 stroke advantage

8-1 – 3 stroke advantage

At the conclusion of play on 01 OCT, any ties for place and prizes will be determined by seeding.








All 32 participants in the KDGT Championship will recieve the following as part of their player packs.

-Exclusive 2023 KDGT Championship TShirt

-Exclusive 2023 KDGT custom mini marker

-Exclusive 2023 KDGT custom stamp disc

-Commemorative 2023 KDGT caddie book







Play will be singles format, stroke play. Two rounds of 18 holes will be played on Saturday, 30 SEP. These will be played with a shotgun start. The above mentioned stroke advantages will then be applied.  There will then be a single 36 hole round played on Sunday, 01 OCT. This will be played with a tee time format, with all cards beginning at hole 1 in roughly 5 minute intervals. First tee time on Sunday will be 10AM. This will ensure that our final tee time occurs before 11AM, the normal start time of our tournaments. We will ask that all players arrive before 10AM because play on hole 1 crosses the driveway.

If you are in the top 32 but are unable to attend, please let AJ know as soon as possible. We will keep spots open for players outside the top 32 in the standings who will be able to take your spot. AGAIN – if you cannot attend or need to cancel, please let AJ know as soon as possible so that others may take your spot.





The 2023 KDGT Championship will pay out cash to the top 16 finishers.  


Five dollars of each tour stop entry fee will be earmarked for added cash at the Championship.  Ten dollars from each of the 32 Championship participants’ entry fees will also be added to the cash prize pool.

Amounts paid to each of the 16 payout spots will be announced after the final tour stop.

Additional prizes will be announced on Championship day based on outside sponsorships.  These may include discs, accessories and gift cards to both disc golf and non-disc golf related businesses.

Trophies will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers.  A plaque with these player’s names will be added to the course welcome board and to the “Wall of Winners” when the Constellation Farmstead Pro Shop is built.  Commemorative certificates will be awarded to 4th – 10th. Ties for prizes and trophies will be broken by seeding.



Thank you for your interest and participation in the 2023 Keweenaw Disc Golf Tour.  We look forward to seeing you at the events!