Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup

The year we bought our farm was our first year making maple syrup. We started with simply knowing  that we had maple trees on our property. We moved in in November so all the leaves were already gone. This lead to us needing to learn how to identify the maple trees without their leaves…cont…

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Maple Syrup Year 1

This led to a couple trees not producing, which we later found out was because they are linden, not maple.  The trees that produced, poured sap out for multiple weeks during our first year. We had more sap than we ended up being able to process. Our  first year we used our instant pot to process our sap into syrup. 

2021 – Year 1

10 buckets 

15 taps (10 producing)

100+oz of Syrup

2021 goals for year 2!

Dedicated wood burning evaporation set up

Dedicated wood burning syrup finishing station

Labels and Maple Syrup to sell!


Upgraded sap boil down procedure and storage procedure

7 buckets

15 taps all producing!


Maple Syrup $15 for a 16oz bottle! Email to purchase!

Next Year (for real this time)

Dedicated wood burning evaporation set up 

Dedicated wood burning syrup finishing station


Maple Syrup Year 2

Year 2, we have had a LONG maple sap season. We’ve been collecting sap for over a month and processing down to syrup as often as possible. We are thankful this year for a large shallow boil down pan that we can use on our wood stove, which makes boiling down sap much more efficient. We are also thankful to friends who gifted us a second refrigerator allowing us to store sap and rendered sap (rendered is what we call when 5-6 galleons of sap is boiled down to fit into one gallon jugs) We are finally able to sell some of the syrup we are making as well! email me or reach out if you would like to make a purchase! 

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